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Sunday, July 09, 2006

We went into Philly today to look at furniture for A's room. Soon she'll have to give up the ol' bed nee' crib. We went to Karl's which has a showroom of kid's stuff, which was just nicer to sift through than the one thing at Ethan Allen and then to Raymoor Flannigan for the other thing and then to the other store for the other one... so Karl's is where we were. I think we spent about 45 minutes there. Laur found something she liked from EJ Furniture. Annabel has demanded that the furniture be blue. Annabel would paint the world blue, the sky blue and the ocean blue if she could. I guess she's lucky that most of that is already taken care of for her.

After furniture browsing we strolled over to Washington Square Park (apparantly, there's one in Philly too), and we ran around the fountain several times and paid our respects to GW and his crew.


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