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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Annabel was perfect on the plane ride down to LA... can't ask for anything better.


And she jumped right into the Easter Egg hunt just like Dora the Explorer taught her

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

back in the swing

down in LA for easter and it was perfection to be home for a nice long weekend... did i say home? it never ceases to amaze me that I refer to LA as home sometimes. It's been over 10 years since I lived there, and I have my own house with a wife and child way, way far away from louisiana. And yet, there in sentence number 1, I referred to it as home.
It was just A and I down for the holiday since Laur was/is a bit impaired. She has "a boo-boo on her back" is what the little girl would say. So, I have to post some pictures, and they are some very cute pictures, but unfortunately, they're back at home? on the computer.

Friday, April 14, 2006

easter rising

on our way out the door to an aeroplane that's gonna take us to La. tomorrow morning. It'll be just A and I this time. Lauren's back is doing so less than stellar this past week that she can't even begin to think about a sitting in a seat for 3 hours, much less trying to heal outside the confines of home where someone can successfully take A off of her hands for a little bit... which is good timing for easter holiday for us to get out of her way so she can heal.
yup. flight 33 tomorrow morning at 7:40 am. I think i need to go to sleep.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Belly Bean Part 2

Without further ado...

This is our newest member of the family.

Lauren was having some pain in here right side this week and the docs called her in to check everything out. Everything was fine and we got our first picture. What a little bean! Posted by Picasa

project's end

I rolled right on out of BellSouth yesterday... last day on site for the project. I have definitely been dealing with fatigue from this one gig. I've been in Atlanta for almost a year, and the environment has eroded somewhat, but it was time to broaden the resume and find, um, greener pastures? maybe less yellower pastures.

Here's the funny part (and this is unofficial, so you didn't hear it from me, which probably means I shouldn't be posting it, but here it goes anyway):
I left today to be in Philly for the 1st night of Passover, so instead of leaving Thursday as normal, I left Wednesday, had the good-bye lunch with the BTG team and some Siebel friends. Headed to the airport and landed in Philly a few hours later. On the runway, I turn on my phone and low and behold, one SMS message filters through from Seth, with the words "Project is cancelled".
I was only in the air for a couple hours. Normally, I never leave the party on time; somebody normally has to tell me it's late and go home. Official word comes down tomorrow.
Another 10 months go bye-bye.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

XM again XM again diggity dig

I'm off to XM in about a week or so. Last time I ventured into their basement, it was definitely worth not writing home about. I like the service, but getting involved with projects there has its less-than-desirables. But I sure do like listening... Fred, XMU, Ethel, I'm talking about you.

I think that I will have to ask for a radio and 2-years of service for my birthday or some other present-bearing day. That's the thing. Honestly, I don't want another recurring service bill. Utilities, neighborhood fees, cell phone bills, um, mortgage payment... it really is these monthlies that chisel away at that marble block of paycheck... and i've looked, so far there is no Michelangelo's David underneath when all those dollars disappear. Then again, maybe M was chiseling away David and not t'other way 'round.
I have no clue where this metaphor has gone, but i don't like it.
not one bit.

But to be in DC in the springtime! And to not be in Atlanta in the springtime! Count me excited about that.

a couple pics

Every morning I get a request. A runs into our room, climbs into bed and says, "have to go make some coffee." Translation: go froth me some milk in an espresso cup, so i can eat it with a demitasse spoon.

And this is just a really cute pictchurr of a really happy girl. Posted by Picasa

completely unaware of my identity

fast forward a year and i dare myself to remember who i am.To the guy who has to reset his password because of me, i hope you do not mind. my apologies to you, but hey, it takes 2 for these things to happen me to do the resetting and you to exist in my way.
onward and upward...

here's A this morning
we are on our way to see Dora Live this morning.
"on the big, big, big, big tee vee," which is news to me it being live and all.
So, this will be my first attendance to a kids' show.

Frankly, I'm frightened.

I'm probably afraid I'm going to enjoy it. Posted by Picasa